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What are the prices for memberships and for personal training sessions?


Do I have to pay for the cost of my program up front and all in one payment?

No. On six week programs you can make an initial payment of 50% and pay the balance four weeks after you start. On twelve week programs you can pay 40% as an initial payment, pay 30% more four weeks after you start the final payment of 30% eight weeks after you start training.

For time spent away greater than 2 weeks, your missed time with us will be added to the end of your commitment so that no time is lost. Your billing cycle stays the same, but your package is extended. Your trainer will also provide homework for you to do while you’re away.

Can I sign up for a program that is shorter than six weeks?

As a general rule we do not offer programs shorter than six weeks. Keep in mind our programs are designed to help you make real lasting changes to your body. Real lasting change doesn’t occur overnight. With a combined over 50 years in the fitness industry  we can say without reservation it is extremely rare to see an individual make substantial and lasting change to their body in less than 12 weeks of consistently applying an intelligently designed focused exercise and nutrition plan.

How long are the personal training and semi-private training sessions?

Each 1 on 1 personal training session and each semi-private training session is  55 minutes long.

What happens to my sessions if I cancel?

With 1 on 1 sessions provided you notify us at least 24 hours before the session we will reschedule the session. However, if you cancel your 1 on 1 session with less than 24 hours notice before your session, or with no notice at all the missed session will count as session you received. With SEMI-PRIVATE Training sessions you will generally have the opportunity to make up that training session on a different day in the same week.

What happens if I need to travel during my training period?

With 1 on 1 personal training sessions you simply retain the number of sessions you missed and they get added to the end of the training period. With SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING sessions if you have to travel more than a few days during a 6 week training cycle we would probably discourage you from signing up until you had a 6 week period when you have little, or no travel planned.  Every situation is a little different. This should definitely be discussed with the trainer when you come in for your complimentary session.  

Can my training be placed on hold if I become ill, or injured after beginning, but not completing my training program?


Can an SFL trainer train me in my home?

Yes, however there is small travel charge that will be added to the cost of the training program. Speak to your trainer about this and he can give you the details of whether it is possible based on where you live and the time of day you wish to train.

If i buy a program of sessions and then get busy at work can I give the remaining time on y program, or the number of sessions I have left to a friend, or family member?

No. 1 on 1 and SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING PROGRAMS are non transferable.

After I complete my six, or twelve week Life performance, or Semi-Private training program do you have a program to help me maintain my condition?

Yes. In fact part of your training during your six, or twelve week program will be devoted to showing you how to adapt some of the exercises that you will do in our studio to do in your home, or in a hotel if you have to travel. Additionally, as part of our commitment to helping you maintain your condition you are welcome to continue to attend our Quick Healthy Meal Workshops free of charge for 60 days after you complete your program and you are also entitled to one body composition scan a month for two months after you compete your program. If you complete a twelve week program you are entitled to continue to attend our Quick Healthy Meal Workshops for four months and receive one body composition scan a month for four months after completing your training.