Fitness Challenge

The Fitness Challenge will return in Spring 2019!

If you like to exercise outdoors then our fitness challenges are a great and inexpensive option for you to take advantage of and you can with each challenge you can win prizes. The Fitness Challenge workouts are conducted in one of the two parks that are immediately adjacent to our studio and we mix it up the programming all the time, but we keep it fun and challenging by incorporating weight sleds, kettlebells, calisthenics, biking in Central Park and more.

● Group Training with an emphasis on fun and challenging exercise.


We hold fitness challenges three or four times a year. Our fitness challenges are group exercise programs where participants compete to see who can lower their body fat percentage the most and who can achieve the highest score in a fitness performance test. Our fitness challenges typically run for 6 to 12 weeks. Prizes for each challenge are announced at the time of the challenge.

● The Six Week Challenge $399

● The 12 Week Challenge $599