Fitness Testing

When you run through one of our tests you will be running against the clock and a competitor who is running through the same obstacles and performing the same exercises at the same time right next to you.

If you’re really competitive our fitness tests are a great way to prove to your buddies who s the real Alpha male in your group. And women running the test while competing against your mate is a great way to establish to him, or her who wears the pants in your relationship.

● Fitness Performance Tests

● Boyfriend Pushing Contests

● Wife Carrying Contests

● Combat Fitness Test ( If CrossFIt, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge and the UFC had a threesome  the SFL Combat Fitness Challenge would be their baby.  )

       “The SFL Combat Fitness Test is the toughest workout in NYC.”

Want to hold a FITNESS TEST as part of a company event, a bachelor party, or bridal shower we’ll set up one just for you and your friends. Click here for more info.