Personal Training

Do you have a challenging work schedule that requires you to squeeze workouts in some times early in the morning, sometimes late at night and on different days from week to week? Do you have injuries that we will be working around or with? Do you find working out with others distracting? Then 1 on 1 PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAM is the correct training option for you.

● Personalized workouts that are designed specifically for you, taking into account your current strength and cardiovascular conditioning level.

● Monthly lean mass and body fat assessments on our Fit3D PROSCANNER machine

●  Individual Nutrition Plan tailored to your food preferences and goals and Nutritional Coaching every step of the way throughout your training program.

● Twice monthly Quick Healthy Meal Preparation Workshops

● Exercise homework

● Postural Analysis

●  Book your no obligation, complimentary 1 on 1 assessment and training session to get started.

Personal training

Superior Fitness Lab personal training is a combination of balance training, high intensity interval training and the utilization of many movements across the tranverse plane, both explosive at times and highly coordinated that owe much to martial arts.

The cost for SFL personal training ranges in price from $150 per session to as low as $95 for a one hour session. Additionally, personal training at SFL can be made even more affordable by training with your friend, partner, or spouse. In most cases we will train a couple for the same price as we train one person. Give us a call to set up a complimentary 1st session and assessment and we can explain all of the training options available that would fit your particular situation.

Combination Package of Personal Training and Small Group classes

 We can develop a custom package of that includes 1, or more 1 on 1 personal training sessions a week along with a number of small group classes. The combination package of personal training and small group classes allows individuals to exercise with the frequency needed to see results and at the same time is more affordable for those who can’t afford 1 on 1 sessions all the time.

 Give us a a call and we’ll develop a combination package just for you.