IFS Remote Location Training

Coach E. is the diabolical genius who created the INFighting Shape training method.

Remote Location Personal Training

With our remote location personal training program we can train you anywhere in Manhattan in your home, office, the gym in your building, or even at a park nearby your home. Additionally, as part of your remote location personal training session you can opt to include a portion of your session to include compression boots to aid and speed muscle recovery and we have formed a relationship with Drip Hydration so that you can schedule an IV therapy session immediately after your workout to boost and speed recovery even farther.

INFighting Shape Remote Training

Superior Fitness Lab is pleased to announce that we are now offering IFS personal training in your home, or at the gym in your building. INFighting Shape (IFS) is a training method that blends weight training and combat arts training devised by Coach E. ( Edward Rush ).

IFS Pricing and Policies

All packages must be paid in full to receive discounts.

Call for price on 90 minute session packages.

IFS maintains a 24 hour cancellation policy.

If it is necessary for you to cancel your session you are required to contact your trainer by email at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled session.

Session lengths are 60 and 90 minutes as indicated above. Your trainer will arrive at your building 5 to 10 minutes prior to the start of the session and call you once they arrive at your building. It is your responsibility to make sure that the trainer does not face unduly delays at the front desk of your building by communicating with the building staff. If the trainer is held up at the front desk such that he/she takes longer than 10 minutes to reach your apartment or building gym this will count as part of your training session time

Compression Boot and Sleeve Recovery Sessions

Compression boot and sleeve recovery sessions are generally 20 to 30 minutes long and can be scheduled as the last 20 minutes of a 60 minute training session, or it can be booked as the last 30 minutes of a 90 minute training session.  ( Please, inform the trainer when booking your session of your preference. ) The compression boot/sleeve therapy can only be included as part of the session when the trainer is training one individual in the session. If the trainer is training two individuals and there is a desire for both to have compression boot/sleeve therapy after the training there is an additional charge for the second individual.

INFighting Shape and Superior Fitness Lab is pleased to announce our partnership with Drip Hydration to provide IV therapy services to our clients.

Drip Hydration is one of the premier companies offering IV drip therapy to clients in California and New York City. We have formed an exclusive partnership with Drip Hydration that allows our clients to be able to set up an IV therapy session immediately after our training session ends. In this way our clients can complete a training session and schedule an IV therapy session that they could conceivably receive at the same time that they utilize compression boots to speed blood flow to their legs.